Blue Horseshoe Computers offers a wide variety of computer services, including new systems, hardware and software upgrades, on site service and comprehensive virus/spyware removal.

Virus and Spyware removal / General Services - Initial diagnostic fee is $40.00.  Our standard Hourly rate (in addition to the diagnostic fee) is $50.00 per hour.  This category covers everything from computer "clean-up", to removal of malware, diagnosis and repair of hardware issues, software conflicts, and installation of new hardware/software.

Data Recovery - Initial diagnostic fee is $40.00.  If determined that data is recoverable, an estimate will be provided to the customer before proceeding.

Network Setup - This service will be billed on a case by case basis, since costs can vary widely due to the range of options available and complexity of the network.

Pickup Service - We can arrange to pick up your computer or laptop at your home or business for an additional charge.  Charge based on time and distance.

Consulting - Can be billed either at the standard hourly rate or at a flat rate agreed upon up front.

Note:  Other services not listed will be billed at an agreed upon rate prior to any work being performed.