Our Mission

Blue Horseshoe Computers is dedicated to helping the individual and small business easily acquire and use today's technology.  We do this by offering virus and malware removal, general maintenance and troubleshooting, data recovery, network configuration, as well as basic consulting services.

Technology is essential in today's world.  Blue Horseshoe Computers strives to make that technology easier to use for the vast majority of individuals and small businesses.  With all the demands in daily life, how can people be expected to become experts in such a highly specialized and technical area like personal computers and networking?  With our help, the burden can be shared.  Not only will Blue Horseshoe Computers assist you with your PC troubleshooting, new equipment purchases, upgrades, and networking needs, but we will engage you throughout the process, so that you can gain a better understanding of how things work, where the industry is headed, and what your options are.  Our goal is that after we leave, you will have a better grasp of how to keep things running smoothly and securely for a long time.  Sometimes, Blue Horseshoe Computers isn't even the best option, and when that's the case, we'll make it clear up front.